Unmatched Service

Real people, right away. nobody enjoys dealing with those automated systems, and being put on hold while attempting to contact Customer Support is a pain.

At CSR, we are fluent in both English and French, and guarantee immediate responses and service to resolve any problems you have as quickly as possible.

Always Up to Date

Having the latest software is crucial to make sure that work can get done as efficiently as possible, having slow internet or a program that crashes often becomes increasingly difficult to deal with.

Our routine maintenance checks and software updates allow you to have the best and most efficient work station, without having to worry about any lost data or information.

Problem Solvers

With our wide variety of expertise we offer solutions to almost any problem you may come across with Software, hardware or networks.

New challenges always arise and our team is well equipped to deal with any new issues you may come across.

Loyal and Committed

We have been proudly serving in the Tri-Cities Since 2004 and 90% of the businesses we have worked with have grown with us.

Based in Kitchener, if you are in the Tri-Cities or Toronto area we are just a call a way if you need help as soon as possible.