Networking, Cabling, Workstations and Servers

We are able to implement complete physical network infrastructure solutions, including total system software setup and support

We build, configure, and install PC workstations and network servers for any residential or commercial environments.

Programming and Web Hosting

Our team is adept at creating customized software design and configuring them to your liking.

We also provide and maintain world wide web (www.) site hosting, including unlimited email accounts, coordinate internet service provision and more, see more at our web hosting page or contact us.

Maintenance and Repair

Here at CSR we take pride in our customer service and maintenance, we offer the utmost reliable support for all manufacturer’s hardware and software.

This includes repairs, custom configuration and updates to both software programs and hardware

Video Surveillance and Telephony

We are here to provide experienced installation and configuation of IP network surveillance systems, video monitoring of premises and telephone lines.


CSR provides multiple different types of Malware scans, for emails, computers and entire networks. We supply full scanning of e-mails for malicious software such as worms and trojans. We provide full computer and network scans to prevent any and all viruses from harming any of your computers, or spreading through your network to other computers.

Software Support

In case you’re having connection problems online or with software in some way, we also provide the same on call support and trouble shooting, but we are also able to remotely take control of your computers and network to fix whatever issue may occur without any travel time.